Survival Grenade - Paracord Survival Kit Fishing Kit with Fire Starter

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Quick Transformation - Within seconds you can transform this stylish paracord keychain into a lifesaving fishing kit complete with everything you need to clean and cook your fish.

Complete fishing kit includes:

  • 2x 3-gram Lead Weights
  • 2x 5-gram Swivels
  • 2x 0.1-gram Hooks
  • 2x 3-meter Fishing Line


Easily Clean and Prepare your Fish - The survival grenade comes with a mighty eye knife. It may seem small, but it can saw through just about anything making cleaning your fish quick and easy.

Cook it up! - If you know how to light a match, you can start a fire with the Survival Grenade. You can use the flint on the Eye knife to strike a spark with the genuine Ferro Rod fire starter. Used with the supplied cotton tinder and tin foil, you can start a fire even in the worst conditions.

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