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The ultimate bundle for the ultimate adventurer:

  • 3-year subscription of Explore (4 issues per year)
  • 3-year subscription of Canadian Traveller (4 issues per year)
  • Explore’s Dangerous Animal Encounter Survival Course 
  • A Firecord Survival Bracelet

Shipping to a Canadian address included

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Each issue of Explore is packed with:

  • Spectacular Hikes - Seasoned adventurers reveal their favourite hiking locations that are free from large crowds
  • Expert Safety Advice - Eliminate the anxiety of exploring alone (or in groups) with expert advice on backcountry safety
  • Backcountry Skills - Acquire outdoor adventure skills from expert survivalists, ensuring you are prepared for any backcountry mishaps
  • Wildlife Awareness - Advice on how to prevent and handle run-ins with bears, cougars, snakes, ticks and other wildlife.
  • And so much more!


Canadian Traveller offers a Canadian perspective of how Canadians travel...because we feel we travel differently then the rest of the world. Our stories stimulate the travel bug within and prompt the question Where Next? 

Whether it be a weekend drive over the border, a romantic tropical getaway, a family vacation abroad or a bucket-list journey to Africa, our editorial captures the essence of the Canadian experience.

Be inspired with 4 big issues a year, packed with relevant and engaging content, delivered right at our door. 


Dangerous Animal Encounter Survival Course

*Course launches mid-December*

Explore’s Dangerous Animal Encounter Survival Course was put together by Dave Scott, founder of Earth Native Wilderness School.

Explore’s Dangerous Animal Encounter Survival Course is designed to teach you how to prevent run-ins with dangerous wildlife, as well as life saving training that will show you EXACTLY what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous wildlife situation.

This course is for you if you:
- Experience anxiety about a potential run-in with bears
- Want to be able to protect your family while hiking or camping
- Need to know exactly what you can do to prevent unwanted wildlife encounters
- Want to increase your knowledge of backcountry risks 

Some of the skills you will learn in this course:
- Specific ways to prevent encounters with bears and other wildlife
- Life-saving skills that show you how you should react in the event you encounter a bear
- How to assess the risk of any wildlife situations
- Wildlife self defense
- Body language and how animals determine whether you are a threat

We provide survival strategies and preventative measures for each of the following animals:
- Black and brown bears
- Cougars, jaguars and bobcats
- Domestic dogs, wolves and coyotes
- Snakes and alligators
- Moose, elk, deer, and buffalo
-Feral frogs and snakes


Firecord Survival Bracelet

  • LOADED WITH FEATURES - Firestarter stick tucks in to bracelet seamlessly
  • EASY TO LIGHT - Fire starter strikes at over 3000 degrees. Easily spark up any tinder
  • ULTRA DURABLE - 550 Paracord is military grade ensuring it lasts for years
  • NO SKILLS REQUIREDKnow how to light a match? You can start a fire with this bracelet
  • LOUD WHISTLE - Let people know you need help with the built-in 120db whistle
  • SURVIVAL TOOLUnfold the bracelet in an emergency to reveal nearly 14 feet of military grade 550 Paracord


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New Subscriptions will begin on the next issue we print.

The following products are sent directly from our manufacturer to save you money and can take up to four weeks for delivery

  • FireCord Survival Bracelet
  • Survival Grenade
  • EDC Snack Tool
  • Multi Functional EDC Tool
  • Folding Credit Card Survival Knife